Gaeilge Chun Cinn makes translations for modern day apps. Amongst them are Games, TV Programme Dubbings & Books.

Promoting Irish

Gaeilge Chun Cinn runs campaigns to raise awareness of the Irish language so that it can be used in everyday life.

Preservation & High Standards

Gaeilge Chun Cinn focuses on presenting a high standard of Irish within our work, reviving old phrases and forgotten vocabulary.

Our Projects

The Witcher

A single-player open world game set within a fantasy world. An early unofficial translation is available and is currently undergoing development


An unforgettable film! Unofficial Irish subtitles to accompany the film are currently in development


A multiplayer shooter in which players must fight to remain the last alive - Official Irish translation now available

Among Us

A multiplayer social deduction game that requires cooperation - Official Irish translation now available

Hollow Knight - An Ridire Cuasach

An action-adventure game that brings you on a mysterious journey - An unofficial translation is available and is currently undergoing development

News & Stories

The Translators' Journal #2 — Cúigí Hallownest

Posted 8:33 pm by Cormac Cinnsealach

The Dialects of the Hallownest creatures, The trouble in translating "drift" to Irish and a Eureka moment

The Translators' Journal #1 — Gaining the Upperhand and a Word of Warning!

Posted 9:19 pm by Cormac Cinnsealach

Journal 1 - Our very first edition of our Journal

The Value of Irish - Phrases of the Week

Posted 3:55 pm by Cormac Cinnsealach

10 new Irish phrases for you!

Our website launch!

Posted 10:46 am by Cormac Cinnsealach

Welcome to our website!

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