The Translators' Journal #1 — Gaining the Upperhand and a Word of Warning!

Journal 1 - Our very first edition of our Journal


Welcome to the first edition of the Gaeilge Chun Cinn newsletter, our new bi-weekly publication on the Irish language and English/Irish translation!

Anuraidh, d’obair an fhoireann Ghaeilge Chun Cinn ar scáth a chéile le haistriúcháin Ghaeilge a chur ar fáil de na físchluichí coitianta agus na meáin eile:
Hollow Knight - An Ridire Cuasach
Among Us

As a small, volunteer-based team the work can sometimes be slow, but we frequently find ourselves having long, detailed conversations about the best way to convey a concept or sentiment in Irish. This led us to the idea that, in addition to our translation efforts, it could be helpful to publish abridged highlights of some of our more interesting or challenging conversations. We hoped that Irish language enthusiasts or those new to the language might find something of interest in them. Our published conversations might even invite translation suggestions from other amateur translators. Thus this newsletter was born.

It’s still early days for us with respect to publishing our discussions, so bear with us as we find our feet. But we are very much looking forward to hearing from interested readers, and working to improve this publication as much as possible. Just as our name says, we want to help advance Irish to the fore of the modern world.

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Updates on our Projects

Article 1 - Let them fall upon their sword

Article 2 - Watching out for word to word translations

Translations for the Reader

Below are five sentences for you to try your hand at. These all come from our Hollow Knight project and were a ton of fun to work on. We’ll post our own translations in the next edition. Good luck!

  1. You really would have to be a fool to be tricked by a plant.
  2. They can be hard to spot as they flitter in and out of the darkness. Watch for their glowing eyes.
  3. When they lunge at you, don’t panic. Stand your ground, and strike back as they come close.
  4. It seems like their energy is limitless! Do they ever stop to sleep, or eat, or love?
  5. May your efforts lead you somewhere worthy.

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