Our Projects

Objectives: Our goal is to provide a wealth of Irish language resources, primarily through translation. We want to be able to treat Irish as if it were the first language of the Irish people - not to think of the scarcity of Irish language resources and to consider Irish as the default choice in every part of our lives. As such, our projects cater primarily to resources used in everyday life.

What do we translate to Irish?

Games: Games are one of the most enjoyable modern pastimes. They can most certainly be enjoyed entirely through Irish.

Books: Books can be of great benefit, especially within education. There is a distinct lack of modern books availible in Irish and we aim to address this issue. We focus on translating books for younger readers that can benefit the most from such resources at school.

Dubbing and Subtitles The significance of watching our favourite films and shows within our daily lives cannot be overstated. Our goal is to provide subtitles for media that has not been translated into Irish, such as watching shows in English with Irish subtitles to assist comprehension in the same manner as a native speaker.

An Inclusive Movement: We are working for the benefit of learners and those with a high standard of Irish alike. We aim to provide for all and contribute to the revival of the Irish language.

Our Projects

The Witcher

A single-player open world game set within a fantasy world. An early unofficial translation is available and is currently undergoing development


An unforgettable film! Unofficial Irish subtitles to accompany the film are currently in development


A multiplayer shooter in which players must fight to remain the last alive - Official Irish translation now available

Among Us

A multiplayer social deduction game that requires cooperation - Official Irish translation now available

Hollow Knight - An Ridire Cuasach

An action-adventure game that brings you on a mysterious journey - An unofficial translation is available and is currently undergoing development

English (UK)