Among Us

A multiplayer social deduction game that requires cooperation - Official Irish translation now available

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a multiplayer game in which up to fifteen players can take participate per match. Up to three individuals are randomly selected to be an Impostor at the beginning of every match. There are currently four maps in which the game can take place: A spaceship named "The Skeld", a headquarters named "MIRA HQ", a planet called "Polus” or “The Airship” - based on Innersloth's Henry Stickmin series.

At the beginning of the game, "tasks" are given to the crewmembers in the form of minigames - maintenance work on "vital systems" such as repairing important wires and downloading data. A list of false tasks is given to the Imposters so that they may blend in with the crewmembers. They cannot complete useful tasks, however. Impostors can sabotage vital systems (such as damaging the oxygen supply of the spaceship), hide in vents and work with other Impostors to kill the other Crewmembers.

Our current progress

The Irish localisation of PUBG has been officially incorporated into the game. This translation is available now and is compatible with each new update for the game.

Ón 16ú de Mhí Mheáin Fomhair i leith, ní faoi chúram Ghaeilge Chun Cinn a bheas leaganacha nua Gaeilge d’Among Us. Is faoi chúram seachtrach anaithnid atá an tionscadal seo agus ní bheidh Gaeilge Chun Cinn freagrach as an tionscadal a thuilleadh.

The Volunteers

Cormac Cinnsealach, Brían Mac Giolla Mhuire, Mike Drinkwater, and Úna-Minh Caomhánach.

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